Saturday, September 10, 2005

How I Ended Up A Blogger

Honestly, before this May I had never been on a blog. I had been on a TON of knitting websites, but didn't even know there were knitting blogs - until Kaity wanted one. Being the control-freak Mom I am... she had to persuade me it was "safe" and then I had to start stalking her blog, just to make sure who was watching hers - because you never know what kind of knitting weirdos there could be out there. But, she started getting a small following, and they were all these really nice people, not scary at all.

So, then I started checking out the blogs of her knitting friends, and I ended up getting hooked. It's kind of like looking up a word in the dictionary - and half an hour later you've looked up so many words you don't remember why were you were there in the first place! I'd get myself six blogs deep... or more... I didn't have a clue there were that many. It's a big ol' blog world! After a while I found a few I really liked, like Wendy, or Ruth, or Heather - and found myself checking them every day. I even got to "guest star" in Kaity's blog. I loved seeing everyone's projects, and hearing their war stories, what yarn they liked, what patterns they were using.... and like most of us, cracking up with Wendy every day.

After a while I found myself thinking, "If I had a blog, I'd write this about these socks," or whatever it was I was working on. Long before I started this blog - it was a blog running amok in my own little mind. Then, last week I'm sitting in my office at home (supposed to be working) and I'm stalling, checking on Kaity's blog, and I noticed up in the corner the little "Get Your Own Blog" button. I clicked on it and before I knew it - I had a blog.... but I'm REALLY blog-challenged, so once I got past the blog name and my profile, I didn't have a clue how to do anything else.

So, poor Kaity - I'm picking her up from school and as soon as she gets in the car I hit her with, "Guess what I did today?! I made a blog!" And I tell her I need LOTS of help. I've got ideas like crazy and no idea how to do anything. But nooooo, she has her own life, Church Youth Group, homework, and has to go to school again tomorrow... Finally, she has time for me! She's such a trooper. See all that stuff on the right... the cute button she made me, the names of my friends blogs, my FO folders - she did all that, and I have no idea how... I stay away from the right side of my blog. But, I can post and add pictures all by myself now - get me!

So, lookie, lookie... I can post about this purse I finshed:
Image hosted by
I got the idea from Ruth. I made it with Rowan Big Wool, and it worked up beautifully.... but I don't like the handles I picked - I should have at least put it on black handles. Better yet, I'd much rather make it into a clutch like Ruth did. So, I'll offer this one up to my girlies and make me a new one.

And check this out...
Image hosted by
Yummy new sock yarn! I think I'll try something new with the Jaeger Matchmaker, socks with cables.... yeah, that oughta give me a few fits. The Sockotta hasn't "spoken" to me yet, so I don't know what kind of socks they will be.

Loooove the sock yarn, but now I'm on the search for a "big project....."


At 6:22 AM, Blogger DAWN said...

Love the big chuncky cable purse. I saw it on Ruth's blog and loved it and yours turned out great, too!

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Mouse said...

Hi and welcome to the knit-blog community! I've been seeing your knits on Kaity's blog and thought I'd come say HI! That purple sock yarn on the cactus is gorgeous.. Can't wait to see it knit up (if the cactus gives it back that is..)

At 8:56 AM, Anonymous heather said...

Glad you started to blog! It is very addicting isn't it?
I really like the purse you made, and I think the handles look great!

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Marion said...

Hello! I'm another of Kaity's blog friends. I became a blogger in sort of the same way, not too long ago, I kept reading everyone else's and thinking, I should get one of these. Welcome to blogland!


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