Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Need An Upgrade

Well, I guess I should take today as a hint.... I need to upgrade my image. I have a stay-at-home mom, very low-key lifestyle. I even work at home, and can do that in my PJ's or workout clothes if I want to. The majority of my wardrobe is from Old Navy, Kohl's, and my nicer stuff is off the Gap sale rack. The only place I go I need to dress up for is church.... and believe me, our church is very casual. Other than that - Daily uniform: jeans, Old Navy T, converse or Birkenstocks. Sad. So sad that today I put on a pair of black short boots (now, this is really sad, $12 at Payless), and it made fashion news at my house.

Today, it turned out I actually had to go out of town, for a printer cartridge of all things. My big outing... Target. My new Levi's are slightly longer than my old Levi's, and today I had on my black Old Navy T, so I couldn't wear my brown Converse. The new jeans kind of drag in my tennies, so I put on a pair of black short boots. Seems innocent enough. Here's where it gets sad.... the kids come home and daughter #1 looks at me and says, right away, "Where'd you go today?" Um, Target and Michaels.... Daughter #2 walks in and says, "Why are you all dressed up?" All dressed up???? Now people... the only thing out of the norm here is a $12 pair of Payless boots! Same jeans, same t-shirt they see every day, in slighltly varying colors. It's pretty obvious, I need to kick it up a notch.

So, making the most of my trip to town, I go to Michael's to spend some gift cards. I'm panicking because I don't think the yarn for my Marilyn's Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan will get here in time for the weekend trip. So, I need a backup, quick and cheap. The other cardigan on my to-make-list is the Sitcom Chic. I want something comfy and soft, and preferable cotton, just up from a sweatshirt - you know, a throw on and go to Vons sweater. This is what I ended up with:
Image hosted by
Cotton Tots by Bernat, color, Sweet Cream. Now, it is super soft and is going to be soooo comfy, but come on.... could it be any more BORING! Sweet Cream.... give me a break. Now, in my defense I was first going for a beautiful rose color, then a nice blue... but they didn't have enough of either in stock of the same dye lot.... so there ya go. Boring, and sadly, I will probably wear it to death.

But....., when the yarn comes for my Marilyn sweater I'm dropping that Cotton Tots like a hot potato and starting in on the pretty stuff. Now, THAT'S going to be a great-looking sweater, and will certainly kick it up a notch. Wait 'til the kids get a load me in that, with some nice shoes even.... they might not recognize me!


At 12:23 PM, Blogger Ruth said...

i can totally relate with the "casual" style. i'm a homemaker and i'm always in jeans and a shirt. the only times i try to dress up slightly is church, and an occasionally bridal shower/baby shower/wedding here and there. i've forgotten what it's like to wear work clothes on a regularly basis!
p.s. about starting on lace - i agree - just take a deep breath and dive in! it really looks alot harder than it really is. the only hard part is not paying attention and losing your place as you knit (i'm VERY absent-minded) =)


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