Monday, September 19, 2005

Yarn Order, House & Dignity All Intact

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Here I am knitting away, thinking, "This is the life!" It was a great weekend away camping with the hubby. This was actually a yearly event for a group my hubby is affiliated with - let's just say I was one of about seven women among about 150 manly-men, doing manly-men things all weekend, so I watched a lot and didn't get a whole lot of knitting done.

We left the kids home alone (we were only about a half hour away, and one of them is 20, an Eagle scout, and has a degree in Criminal Justice), but I still wonder what we'll come home to - but the house was relatively in order when we got back, and the kid's hadn't killed each other. I try really hard NOT to remember all the stupid stuff I did when I was younger. My hubby keeps telling me I have to let them grow up.... heck- they'll be 30 and married with kids and I'll still think they're not old enough to be on their own. Actually - any one of them would be fine on their own.... it's leaving them all together that worries me!

And, the yarn I was waiting for came while I was away, of course...
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but Kaity hadn't molested it too badly. Pretty Shine, in Orchid, for my Marilyn's Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan, and some pretty Sock Garden yarn in Geranium, all from KnitPicks. I started my Marilyn's cardi last night, and the Shine is knitting up very nicely. I had heard it pilled a little as you knit with it, but washes and ends up beautiful, but mine is actually not pilling or shedding at all - and it is SO soft!

I saved the best for last... the group my hubby's with always has helicopter support for emergencies and other things they need to do, and I have always wanted to ride in a helicopter, so I've been scheming on how to get a ride on this one for quite a while:
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They don't normally take people up "just for fun," legalities and all that, but yesterday was my lucky day and I was in the right place at the right time! It was awesome!!! I got about a 45 minute tour of all the back country near my home, and they did all the cool "swoopty" helicopter moves - I was in heaven!

Oh, and the dignity intact part.... I tend to get carsick easily, and ALWAYS get seasick - so I was a little worried. The pilots mentioned if you need to get sick, do it down your shirt.... ick - they don't want the inside of their helicopter messed up! But, I got a forward facing seat and I didn't even get queasy. Good thing - didn't want to have to barf down my shirt in front of the hubby and all his friends.... then I would have had to hide in the trailer the rest of the weekend and I would have missed all the fun!


At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Doozer said...

We are big kids, i think we did a good job this weekend, i was a good little stove monitor, lol. Hey guess what mom? I'm gonna be 18 in about 7 months! heh heh heh


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