Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Go-Go Boots and Stitch Markers

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When I was about in the 3rd grade, Go-Go Boots were all the rage (ok, I'm dating myself). I really wanted some Go-Go boots. Like they wore on Laugh-In. I kept pleading with my Mom and she kept saying, No, they weren't appropriate and she wasn't letting me wear anything with heels. Ok, she was right, as usual - a 3rd grader had no business with Go-Go boots, but I still wanted them - BAD.

So, it's my birthday, and my grandma always took us shopping, to let us pick our present. Yes! I could just buy the Go-Go boots with Grandma - she would buy them for me. And she did. She didn't know they were forbidden, and I didn't tell her, and I figured mom would have to let me wear them. After all, they were my birthday present. Beautiful blue vinyl Go-Go boots with 2" heels. Man oh man... I loved them! Man oh man.... was my mom mad! I was never allowed to wear them out of the house. Learned a lesson, I did... There were other impulse buys, the kind you make as a kid - dumb buys, buyer's remorse later, but I really remember those Go-Go boots.

So, turns out, as an adult I'm not much of an impulse buyer. Quite the opposite actually. My sister calls me wishy-washy. I can go into a store, fall in love with something, carry it all over the store for half an hour, then put back and leave. She asks, Are you just taking that for a walk, or are you really gonna buy it? My sister-in-law always teases me about "should-a-boughts." Same principle. I go ga-ga over something, walk it around for half an hour, then talk my self out of it and leave (usually on a vacation, where there's no going back for it later) - then moan about not buying it.

So, now I've got it in my brain that I really want cute stitch markers.
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Come on, I need these like a hole in the head. It's not even that they're so expensive, but I can tell you, I've looked at them online a million times today, drool, and then click out of the site. The online equivalent of walking them around the store. Will I buy them? No.

See, I've got a perfectly fine collection of ugly plastic stitch markers in my Lucy tin:
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They're perfectly functional. I don't need stitch markers. I always talk myself out of what I want, but don't need....

What is wrong with me? I mean, come on, they're stitch markers for heaven's sake.... it's not like I'd be dropping a bundle or breaking the bank. Nope, I'm not getting stuck with Go-Go boots I can't wear out of the house again. Somehow, in my little brain - this all correlates.


At 6:43 PM, Blogger amylovie said...

My husband is like this. He agonizes over everything he buys.

Buy 'em! It is not a major purchase. If you don't like or use them, you can give them to someone who might enjoy them. No harm done.


At 7:42 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

eh, buy them.

The go-go boots story reminds me of my very own white vinyl ones (they were really stinky) used to tell me about how I wouldn't take them off, so they came to me in the night and stole them, and threw them out into the field while I was sleeping.

At 8:04 PM, Anonymous mom said...

Hey, I had this misguided idea that as the Mom I knew best. Go figure.....Of course now I can see a broader picture, but then it was a power thing, I guess. (Do you know I don't remember those boots? Are you sure that was me?

At 9:09 PM, Anonymous Lynda said...

Mom - of course you were right, that's what makes it so maddening when you're the kid! I can't believe you don't remember those boots!

At 6:06 AM, Anonymous LC said...

Oh, girlfriend, you need to come to my house and raid my bead stash. When I'm not knittin' nowadays, I'm making some very sweet and kewl stitch markers out of colored wires, and sparkly beads and whatnot.

I took a class at the LYS and gave a few to the teacher, and felt like a total suck-up.

Oh, and I wanted the Nancy Sinatra boots, the tall ones. I didn't get mine either. It's good to be a grown-up.

At 7:06 PM, Anonymous Ariane said...

No go-go boots story to tell--must be too young:o)

I have the same problem with shopping for hours, walking something that I want so bad, put it back and leave...I know, it's horrible!

Eh, splurge why don't you! Go get those stitch'll be sad if you don't and probably continue to stare at them on your moniter another million more times.


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