Monday, February 26, 2007

Real Life Interrupts

The view from my walk this morning... kind of cool and ominous at the same time. Yep, I do believe it's gonna rain today.

But, I have new yarn to keep me company. Too bad I just can't set all the work, and laundry, etc, etc, aside and curl up and knit. Rain and knitting just go together. But, no. People get testy when there are no groceries. They get a little grumpy when all that's left is my non-fat milk. I get comments about having to drink the "blue milk" - or as they call it, "shooting the rapids." My son made the comment that all that was left in the fridge for lunchmeat was "farty little bags of crapity." Well, that's descriptive. Guess I gotta to to the store.

I also used the last of the coffee this morning... now, that's where I'll get testy in the morning, if there's no coffee. All I want is a half a cup... but I really WANT my half a cup.

Come on family.... it's not all about you... it's all about me, and my knitting. Hmmph... they're not buying it.

So, for your (MY) enjoyment.... some KnitPicks Ambrosia in Mulled Wine, for my Clementine Shawlette. I know I'm always saying "this stuff is the softest" about whatever I seem to be knitting with at the time... but, really.... baby alpaca and cashmere - this really IS the softest. I'll be buying this again, and again.

The blue is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, for the Cocktail Capelet, also out of the newest IK. Cashmerino....mmmmm. A very close second for softest yarn.

I'll set it out where I can see it, and feel it.... while I walk by with another load of laundry :o(


At 11:06 AM, Blogger Tammy said...

LOL - We are constantly running out of milk and diet pepsi but at the moment those are the only (and I do mean only) two things I have in the fridge. Vons is bringing my groceries shortly though... gotta love grocery delivery!

And the laundry... yeah... big piles.

At 11:09 AM, Blogger Sonya said...

Beautiful yarn! I must find a way to work "farty little bags of crapity" into my conversation today. Kevin has been doing the shopping lately. It's interesting how he brings home things that I've never even noticed in the store.

At 11:10 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Yeah, the house and family tend to put a crimp in crafting. Will they never learn! LOL.

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Barb said...

Laundry -- the bane of my existence. It's lurking down there now, waiting for me. I'd much rather knit.

Lucky for me today, I'm tied to the phone in a 6-hour conference call that I'm not running. Just tracking the presentation, making brilliant observations and pithy comments here and there. PERFECT FOR KNITTING! Woo hoo!

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous jennifer said...

yuck - laundry, grocery shopping, sounds like my day. except (!) that dh borrowed my car during the ice storm this am, so we couldn't go out and i actually knit about 4 rows!

i agree, though... coffee is where i draw the line. to the store it is!

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

There's an awful lot of downtime in doing laundry- I think you could find the time to sneak in some knitting while waiting for the buzzer...

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Farty little bags of crapity.

Thank you for not making that the title of your post. I've seen people mention snorting coffee out of their nose... I'm sure that would have been a coffee snorting moment for me. My son would refer to ANY lunch meat as farty little bags of crapity.

Ahhhhhh yes. And I've been wanting to get some of the KnitPicks Ambrosia. Is it a very floppy kind of soft yarn? Like Alpaca can be? Or does it have some body like the Cashmerino?

At 1:09 PM, Blogger ~Kristie said...

I knit a Moebius scarf out of the Ambrosia in the same colorway. I just can't ever stop touching it. It's extemely soft but I wish Knitpicks colors were a bit better.

Don't kids just come up with the most descriptive words? disgusting, but cute.

At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Beth said...

Your yarn choices are beautiful! I can see the softness. :)

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous gina L said...

There is one thing worse than running out of coffee - running out of toilet paper!

At 4:18 PM, Blogger I love a Good Yarn said...

I love the picture of your sky, the picture of your life, the picture of the soft yarn (I've been wanting to know about the ambrosia yarn) but I especially love the picture of your son's brain. He sounds like someone living in my house.

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Laura said...

The yarn is lovely! Your son's remark sounds like one my 14-yr-old daughter would make.

Grocery shopping is about the only shopping that I enjoy, but not if I'm in a stay-at-home frame of mind.

At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Dana said...

Yikes! I despise laundry because it causes me to face the music that the clothing organizational structure in our home is severely sub-par.

Lovely yarn. yum!

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous JessaLu said...

oooo pretty yarn!

At 5:50 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

I adore the Ambrosia, too - it's perfect! And for me, it's the combination of non-fat milk and coffee that I must have. That'll get me to the store on my worst day!

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