Monday, November 21, 2005

And I Call Myself A Knitter.....

Here's a picture of Carmen.... protecting my "stash" She crawled in there this morning when I left the door open. Yes, sadly that is my entire yarn stash.... comprised of the leftovers of prior projects - about eight balls of yarn, most of them half used. And I call myself a knitter.

And I know whereof I speak - at the Friends Who Blog party, they looked at me like I was crazy - "How can you not have a stash? How can you NOT buy yarn?!" I heard about wonderful and impressive stashes! I mean, if you want something to strive for, check out Jen's! I am awed and impressed! I've got to work on getting me a stash if I'm gonna have any credibility at all in this knitting world.

Well, ok. So, why don't I have a stash? I've only been knitting nine months now, and am still learning what all's out there - and I'm finding some real faves.... and I gotta tell ya - the stuff I'm falling in love with and the stuff I'm drawn to is not in the sale bin. This stuff is expensive! Well, to me it is, but my cheap factor still kicks in. I just can't buy something I don't have a plan for and take it home for no reason other than I just because I like it.

Maybe it's because I have two teenage daughters and am constantly trying to instill in them the fact that you just can't have everything you want. Trying to teach them to live within their (our) means. It's not gonna look good if I say, "maybe I'll have money for your new jeans next week" and then blow it all on yarn I have no plan for.... no I still have very watchful teenagers and have to set a good example. Crap, excuse me, how fun is that?! It isn't, but it's necessary.

Maybe it's because I'm a one-project-at-a-time kind of gal.... and honestly, even if I had a stash, when I found my next project, I would have to buy yarn specifically, and just perfect, for that project. I don't think I'd go into my stash to see what would "do." Except sock yarn, I can easily see amassing a huge stash of sock yarn, and that's even feasible, money-wise. I'd definitely knit out of a sock yarn stash.

Maybe it's because my car is in getting $250 worth of new tires today.... (argh!), and the plumber came last week, and the oven needs fixed, and the blinds in the family room just broke. Argh, I hate being responsible sometimes! Okay - there's the truth to my stash issues.... at least in part.

Although, if I had unlimited funds, I still don't think I would amass yarn just for the sake of buying yarn I love..... I don't know, I just don't have it in me I guess. For me I've gotta have a plan, and to know I had yarn sitting there, even the perfect yarn, for the perfect projects, just having it sitting there, waiting, not knowing when/if I'd get around to it.... it would drive me crazy. I guess I'm just stash-challenged.

However, check out this beauty -
Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is my one and only ball of yarn NOT leftover from something else.... a beautiful yarn sitting, waiting to become this. This little beauty of lace weight yarn, my gift exchange present from the FWB party last week is the beginning of my stash. Not bad, eh? Thanks Ariane! You've officially started my "stash!" I'll try to do it justice.

Oh yeah - I'd LOVE to see more pictures of your stashes! They intrigue and inspire me! I loved seeing Amylovie's all laid out next to her girls for comparison (see her Oct 2 post). Come on guys - show me what you've got... I need some inspiration!


At 3:13 PM, Blogger LC in Sunny So Cal said...

You've seen my stashing illness first hand. I have similar stash issues with yarn as I do with scrapping. Beading. Quilting.

I think we should all start sending you yarn, so you can be a yarn hoarder like me, and so that Carmen can feel fulfilled as a "guard cat"!!

At 3:33 PM, Blogger Lynda said...

Oh, no, no... I'm not fishing for yarn donations, just trying to talk myself through my idiosyncracies - out loud of course, for your benefit and amusement!

At 4:07 PM, Blogger keohinani said...

haha...i think your approach to yarn is healthier, actually.
having a stash is not good for me. with my collection of sock yarn, i become obsessed with having the different colors. and it just so happens that these yarns are in high demand and usually sold out. every time i see it available, i get disappointed when i see colors that i already have. i obsess about checking its availability to see if i missed it.
i used give myself a break because sock yarn is always practical, always useful. but now i see it's just an obsession. it's something that if i never knew about it, i wouldn't constantly be checking the internet to find it.
i get to where i don't want to use it since i've had it for so long. i've gotten used to seeing it. i have to invent little stories of talking yarn in the stash to get myself to use it. then the addiction compounds because i find myself looking at pattern books for patterns to use up the stash. i spend my money on pattern books. then i realize i don't have the yarn for a particular pattern that i like. so i buy the yarn for that. i start various projects at a time. i buy more needles to accomodate the need to make more projects even though some needles are in use.
it's a vicious cycle, really. not something you want to get into. at least most of the things i make are for other people; i'm being selfishly unselfish. i guess. i'm a walking paradox.
see, stash is baaaaaaaaaaad. ;P

At 4:23 PM, Blogger LC in Sunny So Cal said...

... I'm not fishing for yarn donations, just trying to talk myself through my idiosyncracies -

Actually, it was more a threat than a promise! I just want to drag you over to the "dark side" with me! Bawhawhawhaw....

At 5:54 PM, Anonymous erin said...

Keep sane, Lynda! I am knitting up my stash and trying not to buy more yarn. I want to be stash free like you. It will take me some time, but I'll get there. :)

At 6:10 PM, Blogger candsmom said...

You're definitely not alone- the few stray balls of yarn I have laying around would barely qualify as a "stash." I keep thinking it's the lack of disposable income, but I don't think so anymore. Even if I had unlimited funds (a girl can dream!), I'm like you in that I need to have a project in mind before buying yarn...although I surely wouldn't mind using that great laceweight to start a stash!!

At 12:40 AM, Blogger Ruth said...

yay for non-stashers!! i'm right there with ya. ;)
on the other hand, i'm slipping in terms of the one-project-at-a-time thing... with the holidays coming, a flood of baby showers looming ahead, i can't seem to manage my own projects AND all the handmade gifts!! i've got 40% of a baby blanket made so far - it needs to be done by 12/10. can i do it????? i feel so bad for neglecting my mohair lace!! not to mention that sock... =P

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Bear Knits said...

I only learned to knit in March and my stash is in tubs. Yikes!

At 7:45 AM, Blogger Sonya said...

My stash has stayed reasonably under control. Most everything is for a specific project. Knitting books however are a different story. I just can't resist 'em.

You should be proud to be a responsible, non-materialistic knitter!

At 10:14 AM, Blogger Jen said...

Bravo Lynda! I envy your ability to stay on task and actually finish something in a reasonable amount of time! It's a great approach.

BTW, for the laceweight, do a swatch for BO to see how you like it before you set your mind to making it with your new stash. You have WAY more yardage than you'd need for 1 scarf, so you could probably make 2 or perhaps 3 if you wanted to with your 800 yards of goodness. I tried branching out in the Morning Mist colorway (light blue and white) of KnitPicks Shimmer, and the leaves just weren't showing up. IMHO, I think that branching out works best in a solid color, or maybe a few shades of difference within the skein. Just a thought.


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