Saturday, January 07, 2006

Random Knitting

This post is not about me. I am NOT a random knitter, you know that by now.... it's about Kaity.

The other night, Kaity's getting ready to go over to a friends to sleep over....

Me: Kaity, you're not going anywhere until you pick up all the random knitting you've got all over the downstairs.

Kaity: Hey, I do NOT have "random" knitting.... no - wait - all my knitting's random!

(laugh, laugh)

Me: I tell ya- this is gonna work itself into my blog someday - I'm taking pictures of all this.

Kaity: You wouldn't do that. You don't want them to see your messy house...

Me: It WOULDN'T BE MESSY if your knitting wasn't laying all over the place!!!

Kaity: You know you love me...

Yeah - I know I do.

Everytime you try to sit down, anywhere, you have to move Kaity's knitting. It covers everything in the family room, and MY office. Everyone knows you do not sit down without looking very carefully - I can just see the day one of us ends up in the ER with a DPN up the you-know-what.

My MIL last weekend said, "Kaity, everytime I see you you're knitting something different!"

My FIL was reclining on the couch (after I cleared him off a spot) and his pocket knife and nail clippers fell out of his pocket while he was sleeping, and fell through the couch into that never-never-land under the couch. He got up and started to look under there to find his pocketknife.... I jumped up to save his life - "Pa!, Don't! there's no telling what's under there!!!" I'll tell you what was under there... random knitting, a couple of lost DPN's "borrowed" by you-know-who, many stitch markers, YARDS of snipped threads, needles she didn't even know were lost, and enough cat hair to build another cat (okay, well that's not Kaity's fault)! Oh yeah, and his knife and nail clippers. Just a little embarrassing in front of the in-laws.

This is what was gathered up from one day's "random" knitting:

Tomorrow there will be a whole NEW set of random knitting... spread all over.

And she wonders why I cringe when she asks if she can borrow ANOTHER set of DPNS's.... it literally makes my stomach hurt. She, however, couldn't be happier - she thrives in disorganization and her knitting ADHD.

We won't even talk about what's up in her room. Ten times worse - and all tangled together.

It's a good thing she has her finer points, like keeping my blog up and running, and making me blog buttons, and getting me out of all my knitting mishaps. That's the problem... she knows she irreplacable!


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Areli said...

That's pretty funny, I have a daughter like that as well, and can really relate to having different projects all over my living room. She's hasn't tried to start borrowing my stuff yet. Although I expect she will someday.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger Chris said...

What fun is it if you can't make exciting discoveries in your couch?? :)

At 9:46 AM, Blogger LC in Sunny So Cal said...

Are you sure she's not MY kid?

At 11:01 AM, Blogger MA said...

Actually that kind of describes me. So she might not grow out of it for a while. I'm 22 and still have random knitted projects started in my knitting bag. Although they are not all over the house. Everytime I mention a new yarn or pattern my sister cringes and my mother wonders aloud where I'll put the yarn.

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Jeanie said...


Knit on darlin'.

At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Latoya said...

OMG! I couldn't imagine! That's really funny that Kaity does that. Has she ever completed a project; well, she seems to enjoy just knitting which is good too.
What better way to "discover" yarn and needles, that way you may not feel it necessary to go out and buy more.

At 2:55 PM, Blogger Kaity said...

Hey Hey Hey, I'm content with my knitting ADHD! I get stuff done... eventually!

At 3:23 PM, Blogger JustApril said...

I think I'm raising a house full of random knitters. At least for now it's just one project, each for the 5 and 6 year olds (namely learning) but my sis takes out yarn, needles, books, mags.... well you know the story well enough by now - hahahaha

At 6:34 PM, Blogger Ruth said...

that is hilarious!!


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